Keystones, rosettes, signs, reliefs, date stones, finials, wall bosses, address blocks, sills, and lintels!
Sea Monster, Silverdale Limestone.

Roman Style Bracket, Winterset Limestone.
"Angle-Mermaid", Silverdale
Tudor rose.  Indiana limestone.
6" x 6".
Below:  Address Block, Glacial Buff Kasota Limestone.
Below:  Traditional, old-fashioned Margining and bushing using cup (left) and criss-cross (right) bushhammers on Arizona Sandstone.
Margining and bushing on Vermont Bluestone.
Lion of Castile.  Kasota Golden Buff limestone.  1.25" of relief.  (Photo is b/w).

Carving one of three finials, Indiana Limestone.
Carara Marble fan.  6" x 6" x 1"
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Top:  Cathedral Door.
Below that:"Green Woman" keystone.  99% of "green man" style keystones were male figures.
Above:  2006 Datestone.  All three are Indiana limestone.
Above and below:  Perfect Ashlar, Acanthus Lodge #632. 9" x 9" x 9"+.  A cube, photos are of the Front, Back, Right side, and Left side, respectively.  Indiana Limestone.
Bottom:  Half Column.
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